About us

The Burning Bizarre Convention was established in 2008 and its aim is to gather fire performers, jugglers, acrobats and artists involved in clowning, pantomime and street art, who are keen on meeting artists from different countries, sharing their experiences and knowledge and working together. By participating in workshops, team activities and open stages, all members of BBC learn to cooperate, develop their skills and their social & professional network.

The final product of Burning Bizarre Convention is a gala show where fire artists and jugglers are invited to perform and show their skills in public. Burning Bizarre Convention wants to embrace international artists from different backgrounds, and to bring them together so that this institution will continue to grow and develop.

The project European Cupola United takes place the same time as Burning Bizarre Convention with the view to embrace more young people who are involved in fire juggling. Last year, „E(uropean) Cupola United 4.0 – Cabaret International“ was held from 08 to 17 September 2013 ,where 25 young artists from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Germany took part and had the opportunity to join also Burning Bizarre Convention. E(uropean) Cupola United was first held in 2010 and since then every year such a youth exchange takes place in September.