Fire Sculptures

The fire sculptures are hand-crafted pieces of art made of metal and wood which will be constucted in the run-up to the Burning Bizarre Convention.

There will be sculptures in all kind of different forms and sizes. Monuments that are headhigh or even high as a house, fantastic creatures, abstract shapes and bizarre figures – all of them will be part of the gala show.

Giants with a diameter of up to four meters develop a life of their own through the heat of the flames. They will be moved, oscillating in the wind, dandeling and rotating. They „dance“ with the jugglers in a mystical round dance of flames.

Likewise the wooden sculptures are integrated into the show as well. When they are touched by the flames they turn into evanescent art whose beauty awakes with their decaying.

The strength of the fourth element in its most fascinating form – this is a spectacle you have to view live to capture its entire expressiveness completely.