Burning Bizarre Convention

Since 2007, annually in September, the worlds best fire artists are invited to the city of Dresden for the Burning Bizarre Convention to share experiences.

For three days the artists are training together, experimenting with materials and developing their techniques in workshops. On open stages at different places, new show elements of jugglery and fire dance are tried out.

The highlight of the Burning Bizarre Convention is the gala show in the centre of Dresden at the view of Canaletto near the Augustus-Brücke.

In this breathtaking show the artists present a spectacular fire performance, where they merge their best tricks in a great choreography. More than 1000 people join this event.

The Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. contributes to the cultural life of the city in a special way. An access to a form of art is facilitated for the public of Dresden, with which they get only rarely in touch.

Because the entrance for the gala show is free, it is accessible for all people.

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